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Q:Do I need an account for placing order?
A:No, but your detail shipping information is necessary when you placing an order.
Q:I cant find Treal XXX anywhere, where can I buy it?
A:Please kindly check our Amazon (US or UK) store first, if no stock there please check our website or Ebay store, if no stock neither, then it is out of stock. We will try our best to replenish. Please collect the item and keep following. Thanks

Q: How do I check my order status?
 A: Peae login to your account and click on Orders Status, where you are able to view all your orders and their current status.

Q: How do I track my order?
A:Please log in, and click My Account --> My Orders--Click your order number---> Tracking Number-->You'll see the tracking status.
If the tracking nunber is invalid, please track it on:
or contact:

Q:How can I be your dealer?
A: Please Contact Us for further information
Q:How can I be your team driver?
A:Please Contact Us for further information
Q:Do you have a product catalog or price list?
A:Product catalog and price list are only for approved dealers.