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Treal Team Drivers


Peter Lundberg- US Team Manager
Farmingdale, NY


My Rc journey started in 1996 with a modified clod buster and grasshopper. I spent about two years building and modifying these rigs which I really enjoyed. When I went off to college, I sold my rigs and lost touch with the hobby. Fast forward twenty years and married with kids, I came across an issue of rc car action magazine. I was so impressed with how far the hobby has come since back in the day. I read the magazine twice and was hooked. In 2017, I came across crawling competitions on the internet and decided I wanted to get out of the speed game and try the crawling scene as I have always been into hiking trails and mountain biking. I post on Instagram 2-3 times a week and promote my sponsor’s products. Follow my page on Instagram today @Rc_Teamzone. I currently have four crawlers, outcast 6s, TLR car, Axial Bomber, and Axial Capra.  My builds have been featured in Rc Car Action magazine and I am passionate about all of my builds and the companies that I support.
Team driver for Reefs RC, CowRC, DSM-Offroad, Gens Ace, Carryallrc, and US Team Manager for Treal.
See you out on the trails!


Philip Basey- Team Driver
Keizer, OR


I officially got started in the hobby around 2003-2004 and it was all downhill from there haha!
Started with off-road racing then to crawling/u4 racing/ scale trailing and drag racing.
If there is an opportunity to drive, better believe I’ll be there!
I am the co-owner/co-founder of 1 of Oregon's largest Rc clubs, we like to organize group crawls, rc races, charity events and so on. I enjoy all aspects of the hobby and seeing it grow!


Byron Clinton- Team Driver
Rohnert Park, CA


My start into this awesome hobby began with a trip to our local off road track 6 years ago. While I was there checking things out I ended up driving all of my buddies race vehicles and was immediately hooked. I then went to my local hobby shop the next week to buy my first race vehicle the SCT. About a year after that I bought my first crawler the SCX 10i and started attending crawling events such as the ASD Crawl in 2016 and finally the Crawl for a Cure event in 2019 that raises money for Autism and Cancer awareness. I finally attended my first Axialfest in 2018 which was off the hook and after this event I knew right then and there that crawling was my passion because I was absolutely hooked on the crawling aspect of this hobby. What I love about this hobby is getting out and going crawling with a group of guys to have a good time and relax. I have not only truly enjoyed this hobby for the crawling aspect, but also for the fact that over the last 5 years of crawling I have met some new and great people to form new relationships with.


Corey Curtin- Team Driver
Fultondale, AL


Started in radio control vehicles in the early 2000s, my first car was an Evader ST by Duratrax. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve tried a little bit of everything: scalers, drifters, 1/10 on road, short course trucks, monster trucks, crawlers, stadium trucks, boats and a very short try at planes. I compete from time to time, but mostly enjoy getting out and running with other hobbyist.


Chris Duckworth AKA Ducky- Team Driver
Hemet, CA


I love to find new spots to crawl, meet new people and share good times.
In my free time I enjoy Mountain biking above all, Hiking, Camping and being outdoors.


Mike George- Team Driver
Quakertown, PA


East Coast Boy born and raised Army Veteran 46 years old married with 2 kids 13 yr girl & 12 yr old son who is on the ASD Spectrum. I’m what they an ASD warrior as a hardcore advocate, for Autism. I promote awareness through my passion and enthusiasm for the RC Hobby, with tribute or theme style rigs to help spread the word. My motto is “Go fast to crawl I do it all” this sums it up but lately I’ve been laser focused on more scale builds including my scale garage. I’ve recently discovered a new level of excitement for RC with the addition of my own PLA /ABS and SLA resin 3d printers. I’m learning how to do some CAD but I enjoy using the STL files already available for example the Knights Customs stuff from My Mini Factory is my go to favorites. The builds are my passion and the RC community is my savior. I started out using social media to share my builds and it ended up doing so much more. Social Media can have its ups and downs with all the politics and negativity. One mega positive is the conduit that it makes between other like minded people. Being able to share tips and tricks, and witness all the talent and skills coming from within the RC community is a huge reason I use and support these platforms. As a brand ambassador or influencer, it gives me great pride when I use these outlets as a weapon for change and promoting positivity. When I post about a product, it’s done with the intention of showing others what works for me, and maybe it will work for someone else. I build rigs for fun to have fun, my builds reflect me and my personality. The parts I choose are performance based but I’m not building for competitions. I enjoy attending events more focused on the trails instead of the timed gates, Recon G6 style events is where I’m happy.  With my desire for the trails  I recently stepped outside my comfort zone, and started a new company called CarryAllRC. We retrofit a backpack capable of carrying an extra rig. This is the first RTR backpack built for the RC enthusiast by an RC enthusiast.

In the last 10 years so much has happened, traveling coast to coast playing with RC cars and now I’m the CEO of my own LLC making RC products for a living, never in a million years would I think this would be my life. #dreamcometrue


Tarence James- Team Driver
Portland, OR


Hi everyone my name is Tarence aka Tj the rc guy on youtube!
I’ve been into the rc hobby since I was a little kid thanks to my grandpa and the family farm! I have been into hobby grade crawlers for about a decade now. But before that I modified toy grade and mostly had bashers. I love this hobby because of all the new people I get to meet at comps and rc get togethers! I love to help out  people new to the hobby!  it’s always fun to build them and  I love to make rc videos!
I have several rc’s as of now such as 2 axial scx24s , scx10.2, Rc4wd trailfinder 2, traxxas trx4 and a slash to name a few. But I’ve had more then I can remember over the yrs. Have a great day stay safe and rc on everyone!


Jeremy Kilburn- Team Driver
Havre de Grace, MD


In the RC hobby for over 34 years now. Started with a grasshopper and never looked back! I’ve been crawling with RCs since the late 90’s with home builds and witnessed it all come around to today’s market. I prefer long trail runs with or without a group and known to walk 10-12 miles on a single outing. Hanging out with friends and new people is also a favorite to chat and discuss rigs, parts and innovations.
Team driver for Castle Creations, Reefs RC, PowerHobby, CowRC, ERC and run the On the Rocks Maryland FB page. KilburnJeremy on Instagram.


Jeff Ramos- Team Driver
Rohnert Park, CA


I have been in the hobby off and on since I was 11. The last nine years I have made it a large part of my life.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people. RC cars, crawling and flying drones gives me an opportunity to focus and enjoy being outside. I am an extremely proud parent to three amazing boys. Being a parent to a child on the spectrum teaches you so many things but the best of all is un conditional love, support and of course different is not less. 
 Team driver Reefs RC, JJ’s Customs, Gens Ace, Carey-All RC, Treal Hobby. Cohost of The RC Hangout…


Pasquale Ruocco- Team Driver
Roma- Italia




Tyler Slane- Team Driver
Delaware, OH


I have been in the RC hobby since 2018, starting in 1/10 scale off-road racing. As I continued into the hobby I later added 1/8 scale off-road racing to my program. I have competed in many regional off-road racing events featuring some of the best drivers in the country. My latest venture into the wonderful RC hobby has been trail riding and rock crawling where I look forward to competing in some future events.

When I am not relaxing on the trails, I operate a commercial construction company in central Ohio. In my spare time I enjoy family activities with my wife and two daughters. I also enjoy continuing my 7 yearlong training in Tae Kwon Do where I have competed in regional and national level competitions as a First Degree Black Belt.


Carter Warren- Team Driver
La Crescenta, CA


I am an avid RC enthusiast from Southern California. I enjoy all aspects of RC including crawling, racing, and w renching. I am a gear head that enjoys building RC’s and building full size vehicles as cars are my passion. I am also an avid action sports athlete and I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I’m very excited to be a Team Driver for Treal and represent the company as I compete in local crawling competitions!